Stone Cladding Interior

Stone Cladding, Brick Cladding & Brick Slips

Bricks have been used in building and design for many centuries. The oldest bricks have been uncovered in Southern Turkey and they are thought to date back to approximately 7,000 B.C. This versatile material can be used in any building to create designs from the functional to the visually spectacular.

Selection of Stone Cladding Products

New Range of Stone Cladding - "UBP-Stone"

Our new range of external stone cladding UBP-Stone is a MUST SEE, call or email us know for the latest brochure! Available in Granite, Slate and Quartz - See the new stone by clicking here

UBP-Stone Range of Stone Cladding

Build and Design with Stone Cladding

When it comes to designing and building with bricks, one of the simplest yet most versatile ways of utilising bricks is in the form of stone cladding. Stone and Brick cladding (brick cladding is also known as "Brick Slips") can be used both internally and externally and wherever they are placed with the many styles and colours it allows the designer to maximise the sense of warmth and space creating beautiful and always unique living and working spaces. Stone cladding can be easily fixed to traditional concrete buildings as well as to the latest SIPS or insulated concrete formwork construction systems.

Stone cladding is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes and can be used to form:

  • Z-Stone
  • dividing walls
  • external walls
  • kitchens
  • openfire-places
  • living room walls
  • workshops
  • party rooms
  • bathrooms and dining areas
  • entrance foyers and halls
  • studies or dens
  • showrooms
  • fitness rooms
  • staircases
  • garages…

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

The effect created by stone cladding is ultimately a purely visual experience, so to get an idea for yourself of the utterly beautiful work that can be created using stone cladding please CLICK HERE to visit our extensive photo gallery

NEW for gardens

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