Man setting fence post with Postcrete

Ready to use Postcrete Garden Products

For fast post fixing in 5 – 10 minutes.

Postcrete fixes all types of wood, metal and concrete posts – fast!
Postcrete is a ready-to-use mix of cement, aggregates and hardeners, specailly formulated to achieve a rapid setting when fixing wood, metal and concrete posts into soil.

It couldn't be easier to use and with setting taking place in 5 to 10 minutes it allows you to complete the job in a fraction of the time.


Please refer to the table on the left for guidance on the quantity of Postcrete to use.


Postcrete is now available in new waterproof tear resistant packaging and can be left in damp conditions if unopened. Storage temperatures should be above 5C and below 30C.


All equipment should be cleaned with water. Do not flush down drains.

Blue Circle Postcrete is available in new waterproof tear resistant packaging.

For best results follow these simple instructions:

  • Easy to use Postcrete pic#1Dig hole to correct depth and width relevant to post size. Fill hole halfway with water.
  • Easy to use Postcrete pic#2Place post in hole, pour in Postcrete evenly around post up to water surface and sprinkle water on top of any visible powder.
  • Easy to use Postcrete pic#3Position and level post as required. Tap surface of setting Postcrete to remove any air bubbles. Do not mix by hand or machine. Setting will take place in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Easy to use Postcrete pic#4When set, cover top of hole with soil or grass.
Postcrete bag

How much Postcrete will I need?

Post size Hole size (width x depth) No. of bags required
Round 5cm (2”) 15cm (6”) x 30cm (12”) 1/3 bag
15cm (6”) x 45cm (18”) ½ bag
15cm (6”) x 60cm (24”) ¾ bag
20cm (8”) x 30cm (12”) 2/3 bag
20cm (8”) x 45cm (18”) 1 bag
20cm (8”) x 60cm (24”) 1½ bags
Square 7.5cm (3") 15cm (6”) x 45cm (18”) 1/3 bag
15cm (6”) x 60cm (24”)
½ bag
15cm (6”) x 75cm (30”) ¾ bag
20cm (8”) x 45cm (18”) ¾ bag
20cm (8”) x 60cm (24”) 1 bag
20cm (8”) x 75cm (30”) 1 1/3 bags
25cm (10”) x 45cm (18”) 1½ bags
25cm (10”) x 60cm (24”) 2 bags
25cm (10”) x 75cm (30”) 2½ bags
30cm (12”) x 45cm (18”) 2¼ bags
30cm (12”) x 60cm (24”) 3 bags
30cm (12”) x 75cm (30”) 3¾ bags
Square 10cm (3¾") 15cm (6”) x 45cm (18”) ¼ bag
  15cm (6”) x 60cm (24”) 1/3 bag
  15cm (6”) x 75cm (30”) ½ bag
  20cm (8”) x 45cm (18”)
2/3 bag
  20cm (8”) x 60cm (24”) ¾ bag
  20cm (8”) x 75cm (30”) 1 bag
  25cm (10”) x 45cm (18”) 1½ bags
  25cm (10”) x 60cm (24”) 1¾ bags
  25cm (10”) x 75cm (30”) 2 bags
  30cm (12”) x 45cm (18”) 2 bags
  30cm (12”) x 60cm (24”) 2¾ bags
  30cm (12”) x 75cm (30”) 3½ bags
The recommended depth depends on the height of the post, the load it will support and the soil condition. As a guide, a 3” square post 5ft high should be placed 18” deep in heavy soil or 24” in light soil or an exposed position.